Genre: Drum & Bass, EDM, Hip-hop / R&B, House, Pop / Top 40's, Retro, Open Format
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Singapore-born DJ RAW entered the club scene in the late '90s. In less than six months, this 'Rockin' And Wicked'(RAW) DJ became resident of Sole' Luna Holland Village Singapore. He was resident for two years until Sole' gave way to redevelopment. 

RAW's early days saw him dabbling in all genres – from retro to house, big beat to drum & bass. It was hip hop that took him up a level: his mixes were soon aired throughout Singapore on Emanuel Bungaro’s radio show on WKRZ91.3fm. For 24 weeks, RAW's mixes were played on two nights for two hours straight – the longest running airtime any DJ received in those early days.

Since then, RAW has been sharing stage with the big names of the industry, Singapore and international. He's played alongside UK's Rob Wilder, and spun the opening set for America's hip hop living legend DJ Ca$hmoney at Zouk (Singapore). He spun for a tv show (Singapore television station OKTO) and had regular gigs at Phuture/Zouk, dbl O, DXO, IndoChine and St James Powerstation to name a few. In addition, he supported local hip hop band X-Clusive in their final performance, clinching first place in song writing competition 'Rentak Singapura 2010'. 

Always one to push boundaries, this ex Phuture resident has now added K-Pop to his list of genres. His ability to recognise and pick up new trends has made him one of few DJs in Singapore able to play a full five-hour K-Pop club set. His foresight has caught the attention of organisers and media worldwide – from Singaporean media outlets like RazorTV and Time Out Singapore to Korean website 

2011 has been a great year for RAW when his remix of Elena-Disco Romancing was released in the world leading dj website, - the 1st and by far the only Singaporean dj to be featured there. He's played around the region and is now venturing out of the country – Other than his residency at Attica, RAW has his own night at Rimba Cafe (Tanjung Pinang, Bintan, Indonesia) where he spins for an outdoor party.

  • 2014: Attica (Resident), Exodus Jakarta, Xana Phuket.
  • 2013: Attica (Resident), Slim@RCA Bangkok, Xana Phuket
  • 2012: Attica (Resident), Slim@RCA Bangkok (Thailand)(guest appearance)
  • 2011: Soul, K Pop 2011 Party@Arena, K Pop Party@Club Nana, Dolce Club(Malaysia), Rimba Jaya(Indonesia), Avatar, TGIF@Dbl O, Dope@Powerhouse, Helipad, Flipside@Zirca, Music Director 2011 SIM UB Pageant @ Zouk, Ink Pulishing Time Out Singapore Christmas Party, K Pop Christmas Eve's Party @ Attica, Le Noir Bistro & Bar Christmas Day Party 
  • 2010: Phuture@Zouk, St James, Bar None, Official Dj for Rentak Singapura 2010 winning song performance, 'Kau Inspirasi Ku' by Xclusive, T.G.I.RAW @Dbl O(Singapore), K Pop@Sarang(SIngapore), RAW Christmas@Dbl O, NYE Countdown@Dbl O
  • 2009: Dbl O, O Bar, Phuture/Zouk
  • 2008: O Bar, Dbl O, Phuture/Zouk, OKTO TV Episod 7, IndoChine Forbidden City, The Last Funk@The Ol' Skool Mt Sophia, X'Mas Countdown@IndoChine FC, NYE Countdown Phuture@Zouk Singapore, F1 Closing Party@IndoChine The Waterfront
  • 2007: Dbl O, ‘In Da Mix’ Phuture/Zouk, Redbar, 'Session' Phuture/Zouk (Singapore), 'Localize' Phuture/Zouk, Rouge 
  • 2006: ‘In Da Mix’ Phuture/Zouk, Dbl O, Paradigm, DXO 
  • 2005: ‘In Da Mix’ Phuture/Zouk, Cocolatte, Onyx, Dbl O, Paradigm, NYE Countdown@DXO
  • 2004: G Unit Edition Reebok Shoe Launch ‘Beach Party’@Sentosa, ‘In Da Mix’ Phuture/Zouk, Jams The Club, Dbl O
  • 2003: Emanuel Bungaro `Hip Hop Sat Nite Jam’ 91.3fm (Singapore Radio), Urban Renewal Program @ Hard Rock Café, Jams The Club, Milkbar, ‘Fresh’ Phuture/Zouk
  • 1999 to 2002:  Sole Luna (Resident)

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