DJ Esmeralda

Genre: Commercial House, Deep House, EDM, Electro House, House, Progressive House, Open Format
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Jerry Esmeralda, also known as DJ Esmeralda, was a Open Format/Progressive House DJ based in Singapore. He was first being introduced to the art of DJ-ing from a elective module at the age of 15 during his secondary school days.

Pushing his love for music further, in December 2014, he joined Show Ning DJ Lab and was mentored by DJ toMU. With the guidance of this instructor, and many other peers who helped him at the studio. Esmeralda's progress flow smoothly and he officially completed all the courses by February 2016.

He debuted at En-Grill & Bar by Show Ning DJ Lab after 5 months of practicing and hardwork. Close to a year after graduated from school, he has been dropping the bass from bars such as En Grill & Bar, Mariko's and OSG bar+ which is being offered by the school.

Given the opportunity to DJ locally, he's being encouraged to work hard and be humble in learning. Refusing to stop where he was, he joined Altra Management as a freelance DJ for Creative Insurgence to gain further exposure to the industry and parntership. Due to his hard work, he was offered Saturday night residency at Fresh Singapore since April 2016.

"What I love about DJ-ing is meeting awesome people who appreciates music like I do, because you could learn extraordinary skills from them and we could help each other. Each time you fall, you climb up stronger. Be humble, Practice hard and never give up. If you're not hungry, you won't persist. I always think of making people dance - that's my first priority."

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Awesome DJShout-out by Terry
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Young, energetic and creative DJ. Keep up the good job. Cheers (Posted on 28/08/2016)

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