Dr Foo

Genre: Ambient, Chill Out / Lounge, Electronica, Minimal, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Trance
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Deep basslines, Ethnic percussion and samples, Mystical mantras, Spiritually charged Progressive House, Psychill, Trance & Techno, Electronica, Ambient and World music – These are unmistakable elements of what has become known as the Dr Foo sound. Allow the doctor to prescribe the musical pills needed for your journey towards higher consciousness, self-understanding across new cultures and connection to the cosmic source. 

‘Progressive’ is a term often branded about when we speak about genres, but Dr Foo believes it implies instead a mindset of openness towards all genres that fit the vibe in the journey. Renowned for his emphasis on smooth extended sets that portray a Progressive storyline across genres, Dr Foo inputs many of his own Asian style ethnic edits and carefully selected musical pills that serve to alleviate mundanity and elevate deeper consciousness. Well-honed in the art of journey creation, Dr Foo is comfortable playing in the earliest warmup hours, right up to peak time massacres of the crowd. Adding to this, Dr Foo’s spiritual awakening in the past 2 years has seen him inculcate more World instruments, mantras and consciousness based sounds into his sets, with a firm believe that music can serve a higher purpose of bridging one’s understanding with the universe and the authentic self, as well as with ancient cultures which provide the answers we seek.

In 2011, at the height of the commercialisation of trance music, the Dr Foo sound and identity was born. Galvanised by Markus Schulz’s original Coldharbour sound, and DJing in Melbourne’s underground, Dr Foo found his soul in the deep ethereal and ethnic elements across Progressive, Trance & Techno. With further inspiration provided by luminaries such as Sasha, Guy J & J00F, Dr Foo vows to bring back the sacred art of Progression and spiritual elevation in electronic music, as showcased in his ‘Prognosis’ podcasts and live sets in gigs across Singapore’s club space and spiritual community. 

Dr Foo's versatility and passionate identity has seen him host the regular ‘Deep End’ sessions at The Spiffy Dapper & Zsofi's Tapas Bar, spin at established venues in Singapore such as Home Club, Canvas, Avalon, Azzurra and Blu Jaz Cafe while also dabbling in a live electronic Arabic EDM fusion performance at Marina Bay Sands. Dr Foo has also opened for legends such as Solarstone, Indecent Noise & Max Graham, and is part of the rising trance duo Hypnotic Visage. 

With a keen focus to integrate his Asian roots and ethnic sounds further into electronic music, the Dr Foo tonic of spiritual progression and rabbit hole destruction is certainly one that will twist and refresh musical perceptions in 2016 and beyond. Dr Foo is keen to focus more on the production side this year, and has a few tracks in the works. He is keen to collaborate and learn from like-minded souls on this journey.

Do lookout for his productions and mixes at:

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