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The establishment of Ministry of DJs (MODJs) is to give youth the necessary skills to explore and unleash their true musical creativity in being a disc jockey

MODJs teaches students about how to DJ right in a relaxed environment where their style, ideas and goals matter the most. Whether this is a passion or a hobby being a DJ can grow to be much more than that, a fun lifestyle while you get to share the music you love in your own settings or elsewhere.

MODJs also provide opportunities for interviews with key people in the industry such as promoters, club owners, and record company executives, so that one can learn the inside secrets on how to make it in the industry. Our instructors are also current active DJs at prominent dance clubs in Singapore with vast amounts of experience. Whether one is a complete beginner, or a professional looking to fine tune their skills, MODJs has got them covered.

Why Choose Ministry of DJs?

1. Our instructors are currently prominent DJs in the industry, equipped with many years of experience of entertaining the dance floor. Also all of out instructors are MOE (Ministry of Education) approved, which enable us to conduct DJ elective modules and enrichment in the schools as well.

2. Our studio is furnished with top Pioneer DJ equipment to support this program. This ensures that our students would have a chance to experience DJ-ing with tools used at a professional level.

3. Not only do we train students mixing techniques, but we also educate them on how to arrange and program their music, such as augmenting performances with advanced mixing tricks and song transitions, and to properly utilize features on the DJ software and equipment.

Our focus is to teach them how to BE A DJ instead of simply how to DJ.

4.  Students will be guided from a beginner DJ to becoming live performance-level professionals, as we provide opportunities for our students to perform at events and to play in clubs.

5. We have produced a number of successful DJs whom are currently spinning at various clubs and events.

  • Sabrina (Fenix Room)
  • ET (Mansion)
  • Vxlerie (DREAM)
  • Genji5ive (MODJs Crew)
  • Jon (Chupitos)
  • Eddict (MODJs Crew)
  • Evanda (Black and White Productions)
  • Nico (F Club)

We also conduct Dj elective modules and enrichment courses for MOE schools. All of our instructors are MOE approved and also Guinness World Record Holders.

We are located at Claymore Plaza Apartment, 6 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229571 (off Orchard Road). Session timings are flexible and also depends on the slot availability. We are now opened everyday. Please whatsapp us @ +65 9748 8811 to book an appointment

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