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We Are Party

You have never felt a more overwhelming rush of freshness, oomph and awesomeness in your life before this ...

Organising a party? Be it a pure music party, a birthday bash, an anniversary, a wedding, hen night, bachelor's night, pool party, or pieces in your imagination that you want put together.

Here's where you begin! Here's where the pieces are put together. Here's brewing an awesome party that's fresh and filled with oomph that you'd want to remember for life!

Connect the dots

We Are DJs

The vibrant DJs and their partnering talents, labels and establishments with a common goal - to make your party more ...

Want the best? We've got it all. We are talents. We've got all the awesome ones here - awesome DJs, emcees, photographers, planners and academies - both independent and label managed.

We showcase the best so that when the dots are connected we all get an awesome one!

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To all of you, from all of us at Groove Voodoo - Thank you and have an awesome one!

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